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We're experienced at providing a broad range of high-value services for your mission-critical business needs. Detailed offerings are outlined here. And if you don't see the exact service you're looking for, talk to us anyway -- we'll partner with you on a customized project to deliver

what you need. 

Engagements can take a variety of forms to meet your goals:

  • Project based, with clear timeline and deliverables

  • Ongoing partner, adding to your team's capacity by managing a program or function

  • One-time event, for example to facilitate a leadership meeting or deliver training

  • Coaching sessions, for an individual or team

  • On retainer, available to advise and complete urgent work as needed

Wall of ideas

Strategy and Analysis

Strategic planning

Shape the strategy that will enable you to achieve your purpose, meet ambitious goals, attract investment, and compete effectively. We bring innovative frameworks and a planning process that’s engaging, not tedious. We can analyze market, operations, competition, customer/client/ community trends, etc. to inform the plan. 


Change management

Evolve the organization in a proactive not reactive way, to stay a step ahead in your fast-paced environment. We'll plan and execute a pivot for your team, organization, or product, including detailed road map and internal and external communications.


Organizational development

Build and sustain a strong, dynamic organization. We assess organizational health, challenges and opportunities; recommend priority steps; outline an action plan; and lead or facilitate implementation. 



Bring in the investment you need to do the job. We partner to create and deliver a winning pitch for internal leadership or external investors. For nonprofits and governments, we'll help craft and execute a strategy to secure significant funding from corporate, foundation, government, or individual sources.

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Program design and management

Design projects and programs

Conceive, launch, and land the initiatives that are vital to your success. We can pinpoint key users or clients; plan for constraints; scope the project/program’s activities, outputs and outcomes, and timeline; assess and help secure required investments, resources, and partners; and build it on time and ready to launch.


Manage programs for your team

Operate programs that are high ROI, effective, and efficient.  We can start new projects or refine existing initiatives. We'll prep and advise your team for operational success – or you can engage us as vital added capacity to team with you to manage ongoing programs.


Reach customers, employers, and partners at-scale with on-demand learning and communication resources. We have built e-Learning content used by over 10 million people in 150 countries. We can project-manage end to end as you conceive, build, and manage online courses, skill-building modules, and learning communities.

Writing and research

Position you and the organization as thought leaders, and powerfully communicate your story. We can author, edit, and update reports, proposals, plans, articles, case studies, and more. We'll also quickly complete in-depth research to inform your work, decisions, and communications.

Team Meeting

People Operations  / 
Human Resources

Cutting edge solutions 

We adapt proven, transformative people practices -- from world-class companies like Google and others -- for your unique environment and needs. 


Planning and execution for people operations

Apply high impact approaches to attract, retain, care for, and grow your people. We work across the entire employee experience including all core people operations functions: compensation, benefits, performance management, succession planning, HR information systems and other tools, training and skill building, compliance, DEI, and more.


Talent acquisition

Hire top talent. We're experienced with the full recruiting cycle end to end: planning and analysis, sourcing, screening, selection, hiring (including negotiating) and onboarding. We'll serve as your recruiting partner, or equip your team with best-in-class methods to close talent. We can also help you vet, select, and customize key technology tools like your applicant tracking system.


Employee engagement 

Engage team members so they perform and help you cultivate a great environment for their peers. We'll gather employees' real-time feedback on their ideas, problems, and concerns; assess problems and opportunities; and prep leaders to connect more effectively.



Envision and create a results- and values-driven, high-performing culture that inspires your talent to achieve and to stay. We'll work with you to articulate your cultural pillars; then recommend specific approaches to change what’s needed and preserve what’s working.

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Leadership Coaching
and Training

Experienced... and innovative

At Google, Lorne was one of less than 1% certified as a coaching ‘guru’ to advise executives and team members – and rated 5/5 by clients. We’ll catalyze your progress using our exclusive Next Level framework, which focuses on strengthening the leadership attributes you want to prioritize, and learning how to invest in your team to maximize their growth and impact.


For individuals

Coach leaders to set goals and take action around growth and performance for themselves and the team. Quickly reach the next level as a leader.


For teams

Facilitate leadership teams to build high trust, collaboration, and performance. We'll help you guide the organization to navigate through change, challenges, and new opportunities.


Skill-building and training

Equip your team to achieve. We can design and/or deliver training in key skill areas for high performance -- with an emphasis on active, fun, experiential learning rather than tedious lecture and presentation-based approaches. Or we can project-manage curation or creation of a customized suite of online modules specific to your team.

Disability Inclusion

Your organization may be missing a major opportunity.

The data suggest that more than 20% of your US employees have disabilities, and that at least 75% of employees will have a temporary or permanent disability during their career. Yet many companies and organizations are not doing well at recruiting from this community, or at empowering their employees with disabilities and neurodivergent employees to succeed. In other words, you’re likely missing out on the potential for significant contributions from this outstanding pool of talent.


We can help you engage with this essential community.

We’re experts at helping top companies to become leaders in disability inclusion. We'll show you how to fully engage your internal community of employees with disabilities, and how to attract new top talent.


Our services for disability inclusion:

  • Current employee experience. We can guide you to incorporate best practices for ensuring that employees with disabilities and neurodivergent team members feel safe and included, and are able to contribute fully. We can also help you establish and support a thriving employee resource group(s).

  • Hiring. We can create or refine your recruiting strategy, and manage or advise on execution. At Google, we succeeded at substantially increasing the pipeline and hiring of technical and non-technical talent across roles and levels.

  • Employment brand. We’ll design and guide the marketing and outreach plan to articulate the organization’s commitment to this community, and establish you as a desired and trusted brand for both potential employees and customers.

  • Accommodations. Workplace accommodations enable employees with disabilities to be productive, and are required by law. We'll set up or refine your program and policies so that you can provide needed and appropriate accommodations cost-effectively, while preserving your employees' dignity and privacy.

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