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Accelerating your impact and success.

Lorne Needle Advisors offers a range of services. We can help you create or

evolve your strategy, then support the team to execute it; design and scale a key initiative; strengthen and co-manage business-critical functions; build innovative, global e-learning programs for customers and employees; incorporate world class approaches and practices in people operations; make you a leader in disability inclusion; analyze and solve challenging business problems; advise and coach you and your team to grow as next level leaders;

and more.

Picture of CEO Lorne Needle, smiling.

Experienced.  Focused.  Effective.

Lorne Needle brings decades of proven experience as a leader who makes things happen, and a consultant who understands and delivers on your needs. He has worked with world class companies like Google, X, and United Way. At Google, Lorne launched

e-learning programs used by over 10 million learners in 150 countries; and created and landed a global strategy that made Google an acknowledged leader in disability inclusion. In healthcare, Lorne led people operations for a biotech startup, growing the team 30% in under a year; and guided a top hospital network to transform its surgery and clinical areas to increase profits while giving better patient care and outcomes. 


Lorne has advised and coached executives in business, nonprofit and government, helping them succeed as leaders and build

high-performing teams. He has completed successful engagements in areas including change management, strategic planning, organizational development and skill-building, human resources and people operations, program/project design and implementation, project management, fundraising, writing and research, and more. 


​What sets Lorne apart is his ability to quickly establish credibility and great working relationships with executives, team members, customers, and partners alike. Lorne listens to and learns from you and your team, and makes working together fun and productive.

Visit the About page for more on Lorne’s background

and work for clients.

Examples of Projects Delivered

Clean Bubbles


Built employment brand and increased diverse hiring


For a Fortune 500 company, constructed and led global strategy that vaulted it from missing talent opportunities to becoming a recognized leader in disability inclusion. Assessed the problem by analyzing hiring and retention data, benchmarking top competitors, and consulting closely with internal and external disability community leaders. Won executive support for a three-pillar strategy, then engaged teams across the company to implement. Within a year the company was acknowledged as a leader on inclusion.

Within 2 years the company went from

underperforming to exceeding

its hiring and representation goals.

Program design

Launched innovative

e-learning partnership

with higher ed

For a top tech company, led the creation and operation of two sets of online courses in software engineering. Courses were launched within six months of project start, have been used by more than 2 million learners in 150 countries, and have excellent user ratings. Successfully pitched investment in project to executive team. Selected and partnered with a leading online education platform and a set of outstanding universities. Solved challenging operational, curricular, and technical problems. Engaged employees to volunteer with designing and reviewing content.

People operations / HR

Set up and led people operations

for startup


Helped a fast-growing biotech startup build out its people strategy so that it was able to attract, retain, and grow top talent. Revamped hiring process end to end, improving sourcing strategies, interview process, and onboarding – enabling the company to grow 30% in 9 months and fill challenging niche roles. Managed and improved approaches to performance management, compensation, diversity and inclusion, compliance, employee engagement, leadership development, and more.


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